Higher Education Releases
Toward A Science of Learning
February 14,2011
In travels around the country, I’ve been seeing signs of a trend in higher education that could have profound implications: a growing interest in learning about learning. At colleges and universities that are solidly grounded in a commitment to teaching, groups of creative faculty are mobilizing around learning as a collective, and intriguing, intellectual inquiry.
Econ 101 and the Value of Foreign Students
February 14,2011
I’ve always found economic analysis of education intriguing, all the more so when it comes to understanding the global education marketplace. So I was pleased to read a persuasive column in Sunday’s New York Times by Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, an influential academic and author of bestselling textbooks who served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers during the George W. Bush administration.
Launch of The New Website
ARCS is pleased to announce the launching of its new website. The site offers the reader an insight to ARCS’ available Academic Recruitment and Consulting Services customized to meet students and universities’ needs. In addition, ARCS website endows the reader with the recent worldwide higher education news.
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